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New York City Police Department Community Councils were established in 1943. Today there are a total of eighty-six (86) New York City Police Department Community Councils throughout the five (5) boroughs. The Councils play an integral role by serving as a conduit of information between the police and community residents, clergy, community leaders, business owners and stakeholders; raising awareness and ensuring the needs of the community are reported and addressed. Community Councils are comprised of volunteers who give of their time, effort and who are committed to the betterment of their communities. Volunteerism is a core component in reinforcing the social fabric in our communities.


The mission of the Community Council is to establish and maintain working partnerships between the New York City Police Department and community members; to improve public safety, quality of life and police-community relations throughout New York City. These working partnerships enable the Department in its crime-fighting strategy, build mutual trust and empower community members as stakeholders.


1. Establish meaningful partnerships and maintain direct contact between the Commanding Officer, Community Affairs Officer, the Community Council Executive Board and the community;

2. Encourage community members to report public safety and quality of life issues to the New York City Police Department; encourage community members to help establish methods to decrease these public safety and quality of life infractions;

3. Raise awareness of law enforcement efforts (e.g. wanted person information, crime patterns, etc.) and actively partner with the Department to improve relationships and encourage community participation throughout New York City;

4. Promote existing New York City Police Department programs that enhance public safety, quality of life and police-community relations; including but not limited to:

A. Block Watchers
B. Civilian Observation Patrols
C. Auxiliary Police
D. Civilian Observer Ride-Along
E. Citizen’s Police Academy
F. Explorers Program
G. Crime Prevention programs
H. Summer Youth Police Academy
I. Cops and Kids Click Together

Please visit the NYPD’s website at www.nypdcommunityaffairs.com to view a full description of all programs.

5. Develop innovative ways to stimulate community participation by initiating Council sponsored programs such as graffiti cleanup initiatives, block beautification programs, crime prevention seminars and police-youth events to improve quality of life and public safety (It is strongly recommended that Community Councils create new and interesting ways to involve the community to participate in programs that benefit the community as a whole);

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