State Of The NYPD 2016




Earlier today, more than 250 New York City Police Foundation supporters and NYPD executives gathered in the ballroom of the Mandarin Oriental hotel in Columbus Circle to hear Police Commissioner Bratton deliver his “State of the NYPD.” The annual breakfast, sponsored by the New York City Police Foundation was an opportunity for Commissioner Bratton to highlight major initiatives, outline reforms, tout recent successes, and communicate the Department’s direction to the people of New York.

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The NYPD is an agency that is changing how it does business—changing how it connects with the public, how it relates to its officers, and how it keeps the residents, visitors, and workforce of this city safe. Occurring across multiple platforms, these changes reflect the new standards of professional law enforcement—here and across the nation.

Attendees at the breakfast heard updates on technology roll outs, training modifications, enhanced counterterrorism capabilities, community partnership, and more. Specifically, the Department discussed the expansion of the Neighborhood Policing patrol model to 20 precincts and housing commands, with more to come in the months ahead. The patrol plan frees up personnel and other resources to focus on underlying issues in a neighborhood that fuel much of an area’s crime and disorder. To do this, a free exchange of information must be maintained, and that is only possible when cops truly become a part of the community they serve. The Community Partners Program, supported by the Police Foundation’s Model Precinct initiative, got these conversations started.

The NYPD also issued the Police Commissioner’s Report, a comprehensive overview of Department bureaus, programs, and innovations accomplished over the past two years. It is an extension of last year’s Plan of Action, detailinghow those plans have been put into practice.

The New York City Police Foundation has been collaborating with the NYPD for 45 years, supporting innovative public safety programs that make New York City a safer place to live visit and work. Foundation programs address officer safety, effectiveness, training, community engagement, technology, and counter terrorism.

State Of The NYPD 2016